How best to prep your home, family when adopting an older pet

Setting aside time each day to spend with a new pet is a great way to learn about them, bond

When people consider adopting a pet, they often seek out a puppy or kitten.

However, welcoming an older pet into your family can be very rewarding. Michigan Humane calls these older pets their “shelter stars,” and Anna Chrisman, with Michigan Humane, joined “Live In The D” co-host Tati Amare to provide tips on how best to prep your home and family for their arrival.

She said it’s important to know that taking on an older pet is not as daunting as people may think. The most important thing is routine and structure, as well as patience, in order to give them time to acclimate to the new setting.

Chrisman also said setting aside time each day to spend with the new pet is a great way to learn about them and bond.

Chrisman brought along a 2-year-old “shelter star,” Roxy, who is looking for a loving forever home -- preferably an active family that will provide plenty of exercise. Roxy also adores toys and snacks.

Having spent quite a bit of of time with the behavioral support team, Roxy already knows walking techniques, how to sit, and a handful of other skills that will make her a fantastic addition to somebody’s home.

Roxy would prefer a home with children 12 and older, and can integrate her into a routine with plenty of activity, exercise, and lots of love.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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