Movies about best buddies are coming to screens this weekend

Movie reviewer Greg Russell also talks to the star, and creator of new show, “Jack Reacher”.

Big stars are teaming up in new movies that are out this weekend, and one of them is a cute dog! For this week’s Reel Talk, movie reviewer Greg Russell joined Jason Carr to talk about new movies, “Dog”, “Uncharted”, and the new show “Reacher”. “Dog” stars Channing Tatum and a German Shepard dog as two Army Rangers getting into shenanigans as they are traveling down the Pacific Coast Highway to attend a fellow Ranger’s funeral. Greg said he is hearing that the movie is a fun movie to watch.

“Uncharted” stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as two friend who travel around the world searching for an elusive hidden treasure, which is full of misadventures. Greg hears that it is a popcorn film that is fun to watch.

Finally, a new show that’s generating a lot of buzz, “Reacher”, starring Alan Ritchson, follows the popular book, and film, character Jack Reacher. Private Investigator Reacher ends up in jail, falsely accused of murder, and goes to work to find the real killer. Greg spoke to Ritchson and Lee Child, author of the Reacher books about the series. They are both excited to see a new version of the character and explore the differences of how Reacher is portrayed in the series versus the movies.

Watch the video above for more about the movies, and how to see more movie reviews.