Are you starting to get Spring Fever?

Do you clean up? Is it time for dating?

Today on What’s The Buzz, the team talks about all the things that have them anticipating spring’s actual arrival.

Live in studio for the first time in two years, host Jason Carr was joined by comedian Mike Bonner, co-host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, Lauren Crocker, and Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of The Cohen Brand, to talk about what spring fever means to them.

The team talked about how they go about spring cleaning, and Vanessa said that she would rather “hire it out” to other people. Lauren shared the sentiment, saying the only reason she will go outside is to drink wine on the patio. Mike said although he lives in an apartment, he has multiple plants that he takes care of around this time.

For some people springtime can mean love is in the air, and Vanessa said that with the ability to go out and do things, dating becomes a little easier. Lauren said her dating is also elevates as she is able to dine outside at new restaurants, which are very prevalent in Detroit.

To hear more about spring fever, watch the video above.