This should be the most important date on your pet’s calendar each year

Michigan humane shares the importance of yearly check-ups and vaccinations

Just like their owners, pets need to visit the doctor every once in a while. However, many people tend to forget about yearly checkups for their pet.

Anna Chrisman, from Michigan Humane, joined Tati Amare in studio to discuss the importance of yearly vet checks. Plus, Chrisman introduced us to an adorable pet that needs a home.

In order to make our pets the best they can be, Chrisman said yearly checkups at the vet are essential. She added that vaccines are a huge component of these checkups, as they can prevent rabies, distemper, parvovirus and leptospirosis.

Pet owners can get their furry friends vaccinated at Michigan Humane centers year-round. The centers also hose vaccination events in the spring and summer.

The Pet of the Week is Pollo Loco” but Tati deemed him Snuggles ever since he walked into the studio. He is a 9 week old pit-bull terrier puppy that needs lots of attention and snuggles.

Pollo Loco is looking for a family that can be incredibly active and engaged with him, but is also willing to put the time and effort into training. While he is still learning his manners, Pollo Loco needs someone who can raise him to be the very best he can be.

If you are interested in adopting the Pet of the Week, the Mike Morse Law Firm will pay all your standard adoption fees.

Watch the video above to learn more.