Celebrate National Potato Chip Day with Michigan’s favorite snack

What’s The Buzz is putting the crunch on potato chips

It’s time to get out your favorite bag of chips. Today is National Potato Chip Day and we’re discussing Michigan’s favorite snack.

Ride Detroit’s Jason Hall and comedian and magician Jasen Magic joined Live in the D co-host Jason Carr to talk everything with potato chips.

Magic said that a good potato is what creates an excellent potato chip, but he is more of a tortilla chip lover.

Carr’s favorite Better Made Potato Chips flavor is the “Rainbow Dark.” He claims that the deeper color is due to a larger sugar content and a different way of frying. Sour cream and onion, according to Hall, is his favorite flavor.

Is it possible to have too many flavors and types of chips? Magic believes that we need variety and something for everyone’s taste. According to Hall there is never too much variation in the chip business, and he admires the independent people who are entering it. He also said that there are boutique potato chip companies that make various chips, different colors, and push the boundaries of what we think of as a potato chip. Magic jokingly said he wants a potato chip infused with jalapeño bourbon to be created.

Carr said that the best potato chip of all time was O’Grady’s Au Gratin chips, which were cheesy and thick and only existed in the 1980s.

Watch the video above to find out which bag of chips everyone had to try on the show today.

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