Using an historic location to make women’s history

Find out how this mansion in Midtown is serving something up for the community

March is Women’s History Month, and a historical building in Detroit’s Midtown is helping showcase women’s history and community.

BasBlue is located in a historic mansion and is a non-profit membership-based space to create pathways for women’s connection and creativity. Jennifer Lee, Director of Community at BasBlue, joined “Live In The D” co-host Tati Amare to talk more about what they do.

Jennifer said the membership program is specifically for women and non-binary individuals in the local Detroit and surrounding area. It offers educational seminars, workshops, mentoring, community space, and a café. She said the hope is to create a sisterhood to support and lift each other up.

The educational seminars cover topics like how to begin investing, how to begin a real estate career, and what it’s like to be a mentor. Jennifer said the social events take the form of weekly jazz, wine tasting, and hot topic discussions.

Jennifer said the ground floor is available to everyone, regardless of membership, and is meant to serve something up for the whole community. The BasBlue café, which is powered by Marrow, serves up local pastries, soups, salads, and sandwiches.

To find out how to become a member, and see the full interview, watch the video above.