Losing weight is about more than just the numbers, this doctor says

Focus on these 3 main facets

Before you know it, the warm weather will be here to stay.

That means changing out of your baggy winter clothes for something lighter, and you may discover those summer clothes are a bit tighter than you remember.

If your goal is to shed a few pounds before you hit the beach, one expert says you may want to focus on more than just the numbers.

Dr. Keith Guthrie, owner of Dr. Guthrie’s Pure Complete Weight Loss Program, said to focus on the “3 Ps” —physical, physiological and psychological.

The physical aspect has to do with planning to actually lose the weight, eating properly and doing recommended physical activity. This should be a comprehensive plan that is easy to follow.

For the physiological aspect, Guthrie said to look at your body’s vitals and overall health. There should be a plan in place to get you physically healthy and your vitals, hormones and glands all functioning as they should be.

The final “P” is psychological, which Guthrie said is the most important component. It’s all about creating a mindset shift about how you relate to food and exercise so that the program is sustainable, aka, a lifestyle change as opposed to a crash diet.

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