This Detroit rocker has a new album coming

Singer/Musician Joe Jaber talks about his upcoming album and musical past

For this week’s Music Monday we invited Joe Jaber to talk about his unique sound and style.

The last time Joe was on the show with his band “The Last Divide”, they played music that was a bit more mellow in tone. Joe said his new album will be much different, and focus on a Detroit blues rock style. He said the collection of songs will have amped up guitars, kick drums, and be an overall good party.

Joe said he loves being able to perform live again, and his “pre-summer bash” will hopefully get the summer rolling quick. He said one of his favorite parts of any show is getting off the stage and hanging out with everybody.

Joe performed “Heads Are Gonna Roll” live in studio, and said it shares a story about being frustrated with your boss.

To see the performance, and the full interview, watch the video above.