Before you invest in a new roof, consider doing this first

The same goes for painting your exterior walls

Before you invest in a new roof, consider doing this first

It’s time to start getting those projects around the house lined up.

Maybe you are thinking your home needs a new roof, or the exterior needs painting, but before you do any of that, you should do something else, according to one expert.

It has to do with your chimney and other brickwork around the house. We spoke to Jonathon Giangrosso, and Heather Vandevelder, with All Brick Design, to learn when we should consider getting work done on our brickwork.

Much like everything else in your home, over time, things need to be restored or replaced, and that includes brickwork.

There is a lot of engineering that goes into designing a good chimney, so that water is directed away from the brickwork, but you should look out for wear and tear on your chimney, as well. Over time, water and wind can erode some of the brickwork, and Giangrosso said it is best you get that done first -- before any other major projects.

No matter how careful your mason is, there will be wear and tear on the roof if you are having your chimney fixed. To avoid damage on a new roof, Giangrosso recommended getting your brickwork fixed up first, before investing in a new roof.

The same thing goes for having brickwork restored on the side of your house; you want to get that looked into before deciding to repaint your home.

Getting a new roof isn’t cheap, and neither is masonry, so make sure you properly plan your projects to get the most bang for your buck.

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