The flavor of nostalgia

Do some things go away for a reason or do you wish they never left?

Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, Grape Pop Tarts, 90s style, feeling nostalgic?

Things that were old are now new again, which makes us wonder: what are you truly nostalgic about, and what are you truly “not-stalgic” about?

Comedian Melanie Hearn, magician and comedian Jasen Magic, and co-host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD Lauren Crocker joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr for a discussion on reminiscing about anything from food to music.

What are you nostalgic about?

Jasen expressed a fondness for the act of waiting. He said that nowadays, you can order meals and arrange a date on your cell phone, and that everything is too quick. He also reminisced about a cas-single.

Melanie, on the other hand, could not recall ever using a cas-single and said she grew up in the CD era.

Lauren said she doesn’t miss the CDs since they used to skip. However, she misses getting out and meeting people in person rather than online. She was also nostalgic about radios how we currently listen to music, and despite the fact that she works in radio, she does not have one at home.

Jason said he misses waiting outside a harmony house for comedy tickets.

Speaking of the Mexican pizza, is there a certain type of food you miss that you wish would come back?

Melanie considerd that Taco Bell’s decision to discontinue the Mexican pizza was a tragedy. Jason also expressed that he misses the beef soft tacos and the “Chilito,” a chili cheese burrito. Melanie also mentioned Chi-Chi’s fried ice cream.

Jason disliked the loss of Arby’s potato cakes and O’Grady’s Au Gratin Potato Chips.

Lauren was curious as to why McDonald’s discontinued the mini-M & M McFlurry.

90s performers have hit that “classic” genre, and many have revived their stage careers. do you hold onto a certain genre of music or try to stick with the times?

Jason said that grunge and gangsta rap ruined his 20s, given the fact that he was a Top 40 kid.

Melanie said she appreciates the new music that is available now, but some of her favorites are New Jack Swing and Teddy Riley.

Lauren is fortunate in that her boy band nostalgia is still present. She was a huge admirer when she was younger, and they are still touring and doing their thing.

Tati Amare weighed in saying that she likes the new music that is available now, but she wishes there was more diversity.

Do you change your fashion with the times, or keep your style from years ago?

Lauren believes that bell bottoms will be popular this summer and that trends always come back. She believes that if you have wardrobe staples that look good on you, it doesn’t matter what the trends are.

Melanie noted that during her high school years, loud Versace shirts and glasses were popular, and she has no plans to bring them back, but she still rocks style with a 90s flair.

Jasen claims to do anything he wants and is unfazed. He said he has been wearing Keds for 30 years.

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