Try out these Mother’s Day activities to show mom she is loved

Those handmade gifts are always special

Mother’s Day is just over a week away, and everyone is searching for a unique way to show just how much we appreciate our mothers.

For some inspiration on the upcoming day we invited Kerry Doman from Little Guide Detroit to share some ways we can show our appreciation.

Kerry said involving the young ones in card making, bracelet making, or picture frame decorating are great ways to make some memorable gifts. She suggests getting a cheap picture frame, add a family picture, and allow the kids to decorate it with markers.

Of course, fresh flowers are always a great thing to give as well. You can get spectacular arrangements at Olive’s Bloombox in Ferndale, and Kerry said they have great vases.

Kerry also suggested visiting City Bird and Nest both located in Midtown Detroit. They have amazing gift opportunities like home goods, Detroit style items, and even ready-to-go cocktails. The ready to go cocktail come in a mason jar and the only thing you need to add is the spirits! Tati Amare said she has given them as a gift before.

If your mother prefers eco-friendly option, Kerry suggested visiting a new shop in Troy called 86 Plastic. They specialize in natural soaps, conditioners, lotions, and shampoos all in bulk.

To see more gift ideas, and the full interview, watch the video above.