Celebrating Mexican-American Culture on Cinco De Mayo

Meet some of the people highlighting Hispanic Culture in Detroit

In the United States we celebrate Cinco De Mayo a bit differently than they do in Mexico. Many people take this holiday as an opportunity to celebrate Mexican-American Culture. We invited a few people on the show to share what they do to celebrate and recognize Cinco de Mayo.

Detroit Photographer Rosa Maria Zamarron said Cinco De Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The victory of the small Mexican force against the larger French army commemorates an important time in their history and is now used to celebrate Mexican-American culture.

Zamarron is a documentary photographer who likes to highlight individual people and their stories. Her photos are meant to give people a voice, and highlight their life journey.

Jaime Carrillo, Director of Ballet Folklórico De Detroit, and his wife Maria Luisa Carrillo said that Ballet Folklórico is traditional Mexican Folk Dancing. The ballet team is teaching the traditional dance to the people of Detroit. They wear traditional Mexican clothing to mimic the time period and specific area of Puebla, Mexico.

To see the dresses, and the full interview, watch the video above.