This local singer has taken his talents everywhere from the local stage to cruise ships

He’s inspired by different sounds

For Music Monday, we welcomed a singer from Northville who has been singing from the high seas on the ocenas to the local stage. Now, he has a new project coming out very soon.

Eric Ripper joined “Live In The D” with Kim DeGiulio to share more about his talents.

In 2018, Eric started working on cruise ships as a videographer, but always brought his guitar with him on board because he knew there was always music. He says he talked to the music managers and convinced them that he could play, which led to him teaching ukulele classes and performing for a bunch of passengers. He says working on the cruise ship allowed him to travel everywhere including New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, and Bora Bora.

Eric describes himself as an ambient, acoustic singer-songwriter inspired by different sounds. Some of his influences are Ed Shereen and John Mayer.

The singer has a new project coming out soon titled “Wavelength.” He said he drove out to Utah and worked at a resort and was influenced by the beautiful scenery.

Watch the video above to see him perform his song “Carry On.”

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