Yellowstone National Park celebrates its 150th year

Have you been here yet?

It is easily one of the most recognized and beautiful national parks in all of the United States and this year Yellowstone celebrates being the named the first national park 150 years ago. You know about Old Faithful, you’ve seen the wildlife, and now it is very popular because of the series “Yellowstone.”

Diane Shober, executive director of Wyoming Office of Tourism and Native American artist Robert Martinez joined “Live In The D” co-host Jason Carr to share more about the celebration of this natural beauty.

Yellowstone is celebrating its sesquicentennial and Diane says it has been a special landscape since the beginning of time for people who have made this there sacred home, to visitors who come through the area. She says the park is an inspiration to many things and a way to enjoy the great outdoors. She added it has one of the largest collections of geothermal features, a beautiful lake, bison’s running around, and erupting geysers.

In Wyoming the west begins in Yellowstone and you can get a glimpse of life from the 1800s. Diane says there are many things that are the same as they were many years ago, but things have also changed. She says things that are indigenous to Wyoming come through art and their partnerships.

Robert is from the Northern Arapaho tribe and is also Cubano. He is one of six artist from across the nation showcasing Native American imagery from the present and past at Yellowstone as part of the celebration. Being from and raised in Wyoming, Robert says he is used to the wildlife and ensures visitors will have the chance to see bison, elk, deer, bears, and wolves.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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