How to style vintage pieces to make them feel modern

What’s old is inevitably new again

Fashion is very cyclical, what’s old is inevitably new again. We’re starting to see the return of the 70s bell bottom, and even a few glimpses of the 2000s butterfly clips. So maybe you’ve bought some vintage pieces, or just raided the old part of the closet and are wondering: How can I style this to make it feel new again?

We spoke to Mary Capicchioni and Audrey Davis with Old Soul Vintage in Midtown Detroit to get their advice.

Capicchioni started the store as a pop-up shop in 2014, eventually opening her own brick-and-mortar place right before the pandemic hit in February of 2020. Besides their vintage wares, they have over 50 independent businesses and artists selling their crafts.

So, when it comes to making vintage feel modern, here are their tips:

1) Look at what’s trending now.

Just because you want to use an old piece, it doesn’t need to feel stuck in the past. For example, slip dresses are in right now, so why not pair a silky skirt with an oversized vintage graphic tee? Look for vintage pieces that have come back in style - like the aforementioned 70s bell-bottoms - and just pair them with a more modern top. Capicchioni says she likes to look to Vogue, and even album covers for inspiration.

2) Don’t be afraid to mix eras

The key to not looking like you’ve walked out of a time machine is to mix up the eras you’re pulling inspiration from. Pair a 90′s top with a 60s mini skirt, and a scarf from the 50s to make a fresh, modern look. Have fun and play around with it to find a look that works for you.

3) Pick out classics

Some things never go out of style, like a little black dress. If you want to add a vintage flair, but keep a classic look, search for those pieces that have longevity.

For more information on Old Soul Vintage, watch the full story above. If you would like to visit the store, Old Soul Vintage is located at 3627 B Cass Avenue in Detroit.

About the Author:

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