Need help picking out gifts for the summer season?

Shop owner gives suggestions for wedding gifts, birthday presents and gifts for dad

The summer season means weddings, birthdays, Father’s Day and other celebrations where you may need to give a gift. Of course, it can be a challenge picking out the perfect present for someone, but there’s a shop in Wixom called Green Goat Gifts that’s rolling out some unique gift ideas and home décor.

Steven Hartman, co-owner of Green Goat Gifts, said he and his wife were inspired to open their shop because they would visit similar stores in Milford, Plymouth and Up North, and they wanted to bring one to their community.

Steven appeared on “Live In The D” to share suggestions for go-to gifts for various occasions. Here are his suggestions:

  • Weddings: Frames, candle holders
  • Father’s Day: King of the Grill apparel, book of Dad Jokes, men-inspired candles with scents like fresh cut grass and sawdust
  • Kid’s Birthday Party: Warmies stuffed animals, magic sets, art sets and books

Green Goat Gifts also offers a variety of Michigan-themed gifts. The shop is located at 49016 Pontiac Trail in Wixom. You can learn more about Green Goat Gifts by watching the video above.

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