Swing back into action with these stretches

Prepare your body for golf season

It’s golfing season! Are you ready to get into the swing of it? Are you physically ready?

There are ways to prep before you hit the links to avoid some aches and pains that can come with the sport.

Nutrition and fitness expert Jody Trierweiler joined “Live In The D” with Jason Carr to demonstrate what to do before you step up to the tee.

Jody said stretching increases your range of motion and flexibility which is important when you are doing trunk rotations.

The fitness expert started off with a dynamic moving stretch which she called the Michael Phelps. You bend over forward and open your arms and let them cross and slap over your back with an open chest repeatedly.

To help you with your spine for your trunk as your rotating through your golf swing and open your spine, you can lay on your back and put your arms in a T shape. Keep one leg straight and bend your other leg at the knee. From there you take the opposite arm of the bended leg and pull it over and rotate.

To release your lower back and glutes which will help with your golf swing, you can lay on your back and bring both knees to your chest and hold them with both of your hands and rock side to side. Be sure to relax your neck and head.

Next, Jody demonstrated some exercises on Jason that you can do with a personal trainer or partner.

First, you and your trainer stand in front of each other. You can open your arms into a wide Y position and move them down to a T position. Then your trainer can pull your arms back and apply some pressure and open your chest. She emphasized the importance of breathing.

Second, she showed how you you can keep your chest and shoulders lifted while your trainer moves your arms upward from the back. She said this opens the chest and shoulders.

Finally, she said stretching on your stomach is great with a trainer as well. You can place your arms out in front of you and have the trainer lift your arms slowly. Be sure to have your neck and head relaxed faced down.

Jody recommends stretching every single time you are out golfing.

To get more of Jody’s fitness and nutritional ideas visit the Jody’s FitLife website.

Watch the video above to see the demonstrations of the stretches.

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