What’s buzzing about yardwork?

Who gets the job done at your house?

The sound of the lawnmower, the smell of the flowers, the dirt, the green thumb. We are in the thick of yardwork right now as we prune and plant.

Today on Live in the D, Lauren Crocker, co-host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD and comedian Mike Bonner joined Jason Carr to talk about their work outside the home.

Is there only one person that does the yardwork at your house, or does everyone chip in?

Mike says he is old school, and when he had a home he used a push lawn mower. He says that if he had a home today, he would still use a push lawn mower because gas prices are ridiculously high.

Lauren says her husband does the the nitty gritty work and she makes the lawn pretty and decorates.

Do you water your lawn or just wait for it to rain?

Mike says he thinks people need to water their lawns, but the folks who have the in-house sprinkler systems are lawn fanatics. He says he prefers using handheld sprinklers.

Lauren says she lets the rain do the job for her home.

Do you schedule the day you are “going to do” yardwork or do you just get around to it when you can?

Lauren likes to go to the store and get her yard stuff when no one is there, so she schedules her days.

Do you have a green thumb or a brown thumb - meaning can you keep the lawn, flowers, and garden looking great, or is it a struggle?

Lauren says she has three plants that require the bare minimum.

Mike says he thought he was the orchid master for awhile, but now all three are dead due to him travelling a lot.

Would you say something to a neighbor if their yard is out of control or overgrown?

Laurens says if it is affecting her lawn then she will say something because she does not want that in her yard.

Mike drives pass the neighbors home and gives them snob eyes.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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