Is the new Pixar movie about Buzz Lightyear is living up to all the buzz

Movie Reviewer Greg Russell talks about new star-studded movies and a series out this weekend

Looking for something fun to watch this weekend? How about new projects from Chris Evans, Melissa McCarthy, Bryan Cranston, and Annette Bening? Greg Russell, the man with all the information and interviews, joined Jason Carr on Live in the D to discuss the new movies and series.

Let’s begin with “Lightyear,” a new Pixar film in which Chris Evans takes over the voice of “Buzz Lightyear.” Greg says that he was used to hearing Tim Allen’s voice coming from Buzz Lightyear’s character at first. He says the kids had a good time, but the adults missed the voice. He gave four reels our of five to the film.

Next up is “Jerry and Marge Go Large,” a new film based on the true story of a Michigan couple. Greg describes it as “so good!” It’s about a couple near Battle Creek who discovered how to manipulate the lottery and make a fortune.

Greg had the opportunity to speak with both Bryan Cranston, who plays Jerry in the film, and Annette Bening, who plays Marge. Cranston says that telling the story to his friends and family elevates it. He says the movie feels more authentic, and it has changed the couple’s lives and the lives of the people in their town. He also mentioned that he wanted to do something that made him feel good coming out of the pandemic. He says it’s a great distraction and lifts the spirit.

Marge, according to Bening, is remarkable, organized, loving, has raised six children, and has always supported Jerry in his endeavors. Greg gives the film four-and-a-half reels.

“God’s Favorite Idiot,” a new Netflix comedy series starring Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, is now available. Ben came up with the idea and claims to have written a book about it when he was in his twenties with the same title, but it did not share many of the same characteristics as the show. However, he asserts that it was always an idea in which an unlikely character was chosen by God. Melissa says she has always admired it, as well as the idea that if God had to choose someone, would it be someone spectacular? This show is full of conflict and comedy.

The full interview can be seen in the video above.

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