Hear the artist who calls her music ‘sophisti-pop’

The soulful artist is back to talk about her new album Magic””

Today for Music Monday on “Live In The D”, Hannah Baiardi taleds about her new album that debuted May 12 with host Tait Amare.

Magic is a full length studio album, and Hannah says she is most excited because it embodies her sound as an artist. The inspiration for Magic was drawn from influences from books Hannah has read and from personal experiences.

Tati asked Hannah which of the 10 tracks is her favorite and Hannah responded by saying that’s one of the hardest questions to answer for an artist. She compared it to picking your favorite child. Hannah says her favorite is “Stuck in My Mind”, the song she chose to sing for Music Monday.

For more information about Hannah Baiardi, and to watch her perform, watch the video above.