How do you reserve chairs by the pool?

What’s The Buzz is all about summer etiquette.

As the calendar turns to June 21st, we can say that summer is officially here. Summer etiquette, on the other hand, should be discussed. Jasen Magic, comedian and magician, and Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of the Cohen Brand, joined “Live In The D” with host Jason Carr to discuss this topic.

Does it matter how loud the outside music is?

Jasen believes you can only play the music one night in the summer until 2 a.m.

Vanessa is a newcomer to her neighborhood, and she says she walks to all of her neighbors to let them know that her household is quiet all year round, but in the summer, “Cohen season” kicks in, with once-a-month parties at her home during the summer months.

Do people really need a pedicure to wear sandals?

A pedicure is a must for Vanessa before she leaves the house. She’s only interested in the soles of men’s feet. Jasen says he doesn’t care what men do to their feet, but he thinks it’s wonderful for women to have their toes pedicured.

Is it okay to reserve chairs by pools by leaving stuff for a long period of time?

Because of pool etiquette, Vanessa will only take up two chairs for herself and her family, rather than the customary seven. She also confessed to hiding the towels behind the chairs so that others could use them because she didn’t own them herself.

However, when Jasen encounters situations in which people are hoarding chairs, he will move towels and bags to make room for them because everyone must share the chairs.

We always complain about it being too hot or too cold, so what’s the perfect temperature outside?

Vanessa says between 76 and 78 degrees, or just before it rains.

Jasen says 75 degrees or when it is quiet when the kids go to bed.

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