Here’s a guide to all the different trails at your local Metropark

There’s a trail for everyone

As you drive into a Metropark — maybe to visit the beach, or splash around at one of their water playscapes — you’ve probably spotted paved trails weaving alongside the road. Those trails are actually one of the biggest attractions at the Metropark.

Danielle Mauter, the chief of marketing and communications at Huron Clinton Metroparks, talked about their various trail systems. According to her, there are over 400 miles of different types of trails Each kind of trail has its own rules.

Here’s a guide to the various kinds of trails.

Hike-Bike trails

These trails are frequently paved and are designed to help you get around the park to all the different attractions. You can ride your bike, walk your dog, roller skate, hike or do basically any non-motorized way of travel on them. These trails often connect to the neighboring communities, other Metroparks, or even regional trail systems outside the Metropark.

Fit trails

If you want to add a bit more of a workout to your hike, check out these fit trails, which often run alongside the hike bike trails. There will be stations along the way with recommended exercises for you to follow.

Nature trails

These trails are one of the most popular, offering you a chance to trek through nature. You will often find these trails near the nature centers, as they offer some of the best opportunities to see wildlife. Bird watchers and nature photographers should definitely check these trails out. There are no bikes or pets allowed on these natural surface trails.

Rustic trails

If you want a similar feel to the nature trails, but you want to bring your furry friend, check out this style of trail.

Multi-use trails

As the name implies, you can do a variety of things on this trail style. It often has a natural surface and occasionally a few fun obstacles. The Sheldon Trail system in Stony Creek Metropark is a well-known multi-use trail because it is very popular among mountain bikers. Keep an eye out for signage directing you on which way to travel down the trail, based on your activity so that everyone can stay safe.

For more information on their trails, and the Metropark nearest you, click or tap here. To learn more about the trails at Stony Creek Metropark, watch the video above.

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