Start your week off with a little inspiration

Hear an award-winning artist who joined us for Music Monday

Kevin Stewart Jr. is a motivated gospel singer who describes his music journey in three words: hard work, love and sacrifice. Today on “Live In The D”, host Tati Amare was joined by Stewart to talk about his new album, Changed.

By growing up in a musical family, Kevin said that alone has shaped who he is as an artist. He said his parents would always sing and make-up their own songs. While cleaning or doing the dishes, or while at church, a song was always something that brought the family together. Kevin said his father kept him grounded and made sure he was educated as well as sharping his vocals.

Tati asked about Kevin’s new album and his process for creating a gospel project and he said he’d done a lot of praying. He connected with Bernard Carter to pour their hearts into a project that, no matter your walk of life, change is possible.

The song Kevin chose to sing for Music Monday is called, “Waiting On You”. It is a song that is very special to him, and features Detroit native LaToya Turrentine-Brown. The song centers around the idea of everyone’s life process being different, along with everyone’s timing in life being different as well.

To hear Kevin Stewart Jr. preform, “Waiting On You”, watch the video above.