These brothers are putting a modern twist on Mexican street food in Wyandotte

They have several vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options too

Mexican street food with a twist - be it tacos, birria ramen, or a loaded burrito bowl - that’s what you’ll find at Taco Bros in Wyandotte.

“ So I was actually born here in Detroit. A couple of years later we moved back to Mexico and I had my childhood there and in Los Angeles, so you kind of get a whole mixture of cultures, which you can see that in the food here,” says Rodrigo Lopez, the owner along with his brother, Junior.

It’s no surprise the pair opened a restaurant as they grew up in a very foodie family. Their father was a butcher, and their mother’s father owned a restaurant back in Mexico. After coming to the United States, their parents along with their other brother opened a restaurant called the Taco Stand. The pair decided to do their own take, with Rodrigo managing a lot of the operations.

“So yeah, I definitely love food. I was known as the foodie of the family,” says Rodrigo.

The restaurant has a modern design, with fun pops of color, like the yellow neon sign which says “Taquero Mucho.” It’s a play on words. Taquero means “someone who makes tacos” and mucho means “a lot” but the phrase sounds like “te quiero mucho” which means “I love you a lot,” so combined it means the taco maker loves you a lot.

You’ll also find some modern touches on the menu as well. They serve up traditional tacos in a double corn shell, and other favorites you would find at a taco stand in Mexico, but they added some new items as well, like the birria ramen. Birria is a way of slow-cooking meat, traditionally goat. but here they make it with beef and put it in a bowl with ramen and broth. They also have several vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. They have a vegan chorizo, al pastor, and steak.

They also make some of their own drinks including jamaica, which is a sweet hibiscus juice, and horchata, which is sweetened rice milk with lots of cinnamon, and they have vegan and traditional versions.

For the full story, watch the video above.

Taco Bros is located at 128 Sycamore St, Wyandotte, MI 48192

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