Do you say something or not?

Friends of the show respond to a bunch of different scenarios we encounter in our lives

We often find ourselves in situations where we may face a dilemma. Do you say something or not? It’s not always as easy as it sounds.

Today on “Live In The D” for What’s the Buzz, Vanessa Cohen, co-founder of the Cohen Brand and owner of “Motor City Date Night,” Jason Hall with RiDetroit, and our Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan joined the panel for this discussion.

Let’s start with exceptional service at a restaurant. Do you say something to the manager, or say nothing and express your feelings with the tip on the bill? The people on the panel chose “say something.” Vanessa said that if she got great service with a lot of energy and made her feel like she was the only one there, she should tell the manager and give a good tip because you don’t always get 200 percent. Jason will tell the owner something and leave a nice tip. Jon says that he goes overboard, and that such attempts are reciprocated through the service.

If someone on a plane is continually doing something that is rude or annoys you or other people on the plane, what do you do? Jon says that people on planes can be dangerous right now, so he presses the button for the flight attendant to handle the situation. Jason will ask the person in a nice way to move their foot or turn down their music. Vanessa says that her personality will make her say something, but she has never had a bad experience on a plane.

What about the friend that continually shows up late to everything? Jason says he knows his friends, so he wouldn’t get mad at them for being late and budget in the time. Jon says it’s not nice and he has to say something.

What if you’re at a friend’s house and they’re playing music you don’t like, do you say something or say nothing? Since he is at their house, Jason does not say anything. But, Jon says that back in the day, when he got tired of a song, he threw a cassette into the Detroit River.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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