UB40 is coming to Detroit

Catch up with one of the band’s founders and the new lead singer before their concert in the D

When we say “Red Red Wine,” you probably think of the song by UB40 with the same name. You may also know the song “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” or “Here I Am.” Now, the famous band is back with a new single called “Champion.” It is the latest song from UB40 and it will be on their upcoming album “UB45.”

Robin Campbell, a founding member of the band, and new lead singer Matt Doyle appeared on “Live In The D” with co-host Tai Amare to discuss their upcoming concert and album.

The band does not often tour in the United States, but on Friday night they will be at The Aretha Franklin Amphitheater in Detroit. Campbell says the United States is one of the places you must tour, it is a wonderful place, and that Doyle is looking forward to his first trip in the States.

The new album is called UB45, and it marks the 45th anniversary of the band. Campbell says when he was helping to form the band, he could not imagine a song like “Red Red Wine” going double platinum, but he emphasized that “this is what dreams are made of.”

Doyle took over lead vocals last year. He says that joining a group with such a long history and fans all over the world made him feel a little bit of pressure at first, but he is loving every minute of it. He also says that being from Birmingham, England, where reggae music is popular, is what drew him to it as an artist.

Campbell says he wishes he had a little more time in each city when he is on tour. In addition, he says, “you don’t get to be a tourist, because your entire trip will consist of nothing but hotels, shows, and travel.”

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