Get your curls poppin’ at this Corktown salon

Joyola Mei embraces natural hair using natural products

Joyola Mei Hair Salon on Live in the D

When you walk into Joyola Mei Hair Salon in Corktown, you won’t see flat irons or curling irons, or smell anything like hair color being applied. “I’m using an ammonia free hair lighter, so it’s super gentle for curlies,” Joy Lewis, Owner of Joyola Mei told “Live in the D’s” April Morton as she applied hair color to a client.

Lewis says this is the case with all the hair products she uses. The brands are clean, certified organic, and vegan, with the exception of pure trade honey. “So people who tend to say that hair color is irritating or they may be allergic to it, this hair color is going to be really gentle,” Lewis said. Safe, non-irritating products, and having her clients embrace their natural hair, whether it’s coils, waves or curls, is what Joyola Mei Salon is all about.

During a visit there, Lewis showed April how she uses the holistic products to give hair an extra shine and elasticity. Lewis even demonstrated her curl technique on April’s 12 year old daughter Maurissa, who April says has beautiful natural curls, but they dry out and tangle.

Watch video above the see some of what’s being done at Joyola Mei.