Holiday weekend preparations for your pets

3 tips to keep your pets safe this Labor Day weekend

Pets: Labor Day on Live in the D

Families are gearing up for Labor Day weekend festivities, and these events should include your pets.

Devan Bianco from Michigan Humane joined Jason Carr today on “Live in the D” to share tips on how to keep the holiday weekend a happy one for your furry friends and joining her was a new pet in need of a home.

According to Bianco, it’s important to bring food and medications for your animal in case a day out turns into an overnight stay. She also recommended making sure your pets have their ID tag and microchip information up to date if out on the boat or at the beach in case you need to be reunited with your animal quickly.

Bianco also said if hosting at your home this weekend, it’s important to have a designated quiet space for your pets.

Ardell is this week’s pet of the week. He is a three-year-old miniature schnauzer who loves attention and cuddling. If you already have a cat or dog at home, you should introduce Ardell slowly.

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