Dearborn native is baking up success

The Metro Detroit baker has appeared on a national baking show

Connie the Baker on Live in the D

She’s a popular social media baker with more than 300k followers between Tiktok and Instagram, and she’s from right here in Metro Detroit! Dearborn native Connie Kazan says baking is in her blood. The stay-at-home-mother of 4 posts videos of her baking on social media, and has received over 2 million video likes. One of her fans is “Live in the D’s,” Tati Amare, who says she enjoys watching her fun-filled videos online. Kazan is taking her baking skills to another level, and has recently appeared on the network baking competition show, “The Great Chocolate Showdown.”

She discussed this as well brought some goodies for Tati. Click on the video above to see the entire interview.