Should you say something or leave it alone?

“Live In The D” friends respond to different scenarios

What’s the Buzz: Say something or leave it alone? on Live in the D

There are some situations in life when you find yourself wondering if you should say something or just leave it alone. “Live In The D” took that question to friends of the show during our What’s The Buzz segment.

“Live In The D” host Jason Carr spoke with Blaine Fowler from the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, comedian Mike Bonner, and AJ Williams, who is the managing editor of the “Michigan Chronicle” and the woman behind

First, the trio was asked what they would do about a hypothetical scenario where their friends always want to do the same thing or go to the same place, but they want to do something different. Fowler, Bonner and Williams all agreed they would say something to their friends. Williams started off by saying she would tell her friend that she loves the fact that they like to do the same things, but that she’s going to go somewhere else. Fowler said if it’s a good friend, he’d just tell them they’re going to switch it up and go somewhere else. Bonner responded that if he’s spending his own money, he’s going to go where he wants to go.

Next, the trio was presented with a scenario that questioned how they respond while driving. They were asked if you should say something with your horn or leave it alone if a driver doesn’t follow the rules of the road. Williams’ response was that she would honk the horn. Fowler said if he sees someone texting at a stoplight when it turns green, he gives drivers until the count of three before honking at them. Bonner said he will give people “a look”, but not a mean spirited look.

Fowler, Bonner and Williams were also asked how they would respond to a loud talker or close talker. Williams says it depends on the situation and where you’re located. She said she will tell people to be quiet if they’re in a library or certain restaurants, but she added that she’s probably talking loud herself at the bar. Fowler said he will back off if he encounters a close talker. Bonner explained that he would stand back until the person gets the picture.

The final question asked was whether to say something or leave it alone if your friend’s pet is stinky. Williams said if it’s a close friend, she will tell them. Fowler added he would probably say something to his friend, while Bonner said he’d tell them to wash their dog.

Watch the video below to hear more of the responses from the What’s the Buzz guests, plus hear them sing “Happy Birthday” to Tati.

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