Have you tried this secret sandwich in the D?

The Athens Philly is not listed on the menu

Athens Souvlaki on Live in the D

In the middle of downtown Detroit, in the Penobscot Building, there’s a delectable delight in the form of a sandwich.

The Athens Philly is a sensation as a sandwich with the soul of a Philly cheesesteak, but the heart of a Greek gyro. It’s not something you’d see on the menu at Athens Souvlaki, but it’s among the reasons to visit the Greek diner that’s been open and operating since 1966.

The Athens Philly starts with a fresh pita that’s made from scratch and then topped with grilled chicken, grilled green peppers, grilled onions, Swiss cheese, and a drizzle of house salad dressing. It didn’t even exist a few short years ago, but word is spreading like wildfire that it’s a must-try.

Restaurant manager David Kingsbury says the Athens Philly started as an item that was used for employee lunches but took off when it was offered to some of the customers. Kingsbury says he would like to see the Athens Philly end up on the menu. Watch the video above to see the secret sandwich, along with some of the items that are currently listed on the menu at Athens Souvlaki.

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