Check out this local hub to add a little something to your cooking

Fresh, countless varieties, and locally grown mushrooms are available

Mushroom Hub on Live in the D

Denis Vidmar and Jeff Denomme joined Tati Amare on “Live In The D” to showcase the business they refer to as “The Everything Mushroom and Truffle Boutique”.

Vidmar, founder and owner of The Mushroom Hub, is a second-generation mushroom farmer who says the future is fungi.

“I truly do believe mushrooms should be added to every meal and I believe that by doing so we’re going to be much better for it,” Vidmar said.

The Mushroom Hub offers more than 30 fresh choice edible mushrooms which are grown locally in Michigan. They also offer meat substitutes for those with a plant-based diet, and ready-to-eat foods which are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. They are located at 4240 Cass Avenue Detroit, MI, 48201, and 4907 Leafdale Blvd. Royal Oak, MI 48073.

To learn more, watch the video above.

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