Shop for unique treasures in Metro Detroit

Antique show will feature 100′s of finds

Bloomfield Antiques & Collectibles Show on Live in the D

More antique road show, and less flea market, is how organizers describe the Bloomfield Charity Antique Show. There will be 100′s of unique treasures dating as far back as the mid-1800′s from 35 vendors from across the Mid-West.

The show’s organizer, Marilyn Nix, and vendor Pam Bouchard spoke about the event, which has been going on for 58 years, with “Live In The D’s,” Jason Carr. They also brought some examples of items visitors will see and be able to purchase at the show.

The show will take place Friday September 30, and Saturday October 1, at Bloomfield Cross Church starting at 10am.

Watch the video above to see full interview.

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