Four new movies to watch this weekend

Movie reviewer Greg Russell shares his thoughts on “Sidney,” “Bros,” “Hocus Pocus 2,” and “The Greatest Beer Run”

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The Sanderson sisters are back, Zac Efron is going on a beer run, and a first-of-its-kind romcom is out. Today’s Reel Talk has a lot to cover.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined “Live in the D” with Jason Carr to talk about his most recent reviews.

First, let’s start with “Sidney,” a documentary available on Apple TV+. It is based on the life of Hollywood icon Sidney Portier. Russell said that Poitiers’ life began behind the rock. He was born two months early, and when he was born, no one knew if he would survive. The film chronicles his life as he worked in his country and traveled to the United States to pursue his dream of acting on stage. A guy told him he would not make it, which resonated with him, and then he went on to have a successful career and help many others. Russell gave this documentary five out of five reels, saying it is “one of the best documentaries I’ve ever watched.”

Next on the list is the first gay rom-com to be released by a major Hollywood studio called “Bros,” which stars Bill Eichner of “Billy on the Street” and “Parks and Recreation.” Russell interviewed him about the movie, and Eichner told him that the goal was to “write the funniest movie we could write.” Eichner underlined that there are not many great comedies in theaters nowadays, and that they are mostly seen at home. He went on to say that it is fun to go to a movie theater with hundreds of people and escape the world while laughing with others. Russell rated this film four out of five reels and described it as a comedy for adults.

The Sanderson sisters return in “Hocus Pocus 2,” a sequel to a cult classic that you can watch on Disney+. Russel has heard that this was a fun film.

Finally, Zac Efron goes on “The Greatest Beer Run.” This is based on a true story about a guy in the army in the early 1960s, before the Vietnam War began. He had always opposed the war and had left the army, but when his friends went to Vietnam, he decided to take them a beer. Russell gave this film four reels and described it as “one of those films that will wake you up.”

The full interview may be seen in the video above.

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