Which would you pick of these food pairings?

Here’s a tough one - pizza or pasta?

When you think of October, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Halloween and trick-or-treating, but today we are putting aside the candy bars and talking about the other food that is being celebrated this month. Believe it or not, October is a huge national food month, so we put some of these foods head-to-head to see what people would choose.

Joining host Jason Carr to talk about it was Comedian Melanie Hearn, Fitness and Nutrition Expert Jody Trierweiler, Comedian and Magician Jasen Magic, and the Host of “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show” on 96.3 WDVD, Blaine Fowler.

First up Pizza or Pasta?

The group was overwhelmingly in favor of pizza, getting Melanie, Blaine’s, and Jasen’s votes. Jody says nothing can beat a good, well-made Italian pasta dish.

Next, it is both National Pretzel and Popcorn Popping month, which would you choose?

This was another 3-to-1 split. Blaine says he has extra buttery popcorn every single day. Even Jody says she will get popcorn if she’s at the movie theater. Melanie, on the other hand, is not a fan of it and prefers soft pretzels.

It’s National Seafood and Chili Month, which would you prefer?

This one really had the group torn. Blaine says he doesn’t eat seafood, and voted for chili, while Jody doesn’t like chili and voted for seafood. Melanie and Jasen couldn’t decide which they liked better.

Now for the sweets, it’s both National Cookie and Dessert Month. Do you want a cookie or some other kind of dessert?

While the group loves cookies, there are some other desserts - like bumpy cake and tiramisu- that they couldn’t pass up.

Finally, which would you pick - pear, pineapple, or apple?

Most of the group went with apple, but Jody chose pear, and Jason Carr picked pineapple.

For the full conversation, watch the video above.