The Metro Detroit bar where everything is vegan

Vegan foods, vegan cocktails, live music, and more!

North Star Lounge on Live in the D

The vegan scene continues to grow in Ann Arbor with the addition of North Star Lounge. Phillis Engelbert and Jessica Stern joined Meredith Bruckner, community news producer for All About Ann Arbor, to highlight everything this spot has to offer.

Engelbert, the owner of North Star Lounge, has been working in the vegan industry for over a decade.

“We started our business in 2011,” said Engelbert. “We’ve had a vegan food cart, a vegan bakery, two vegan restaurants, one of which had a lot of live music, and it was time for a vegan bar.”

Stern, bar manager, demonstrated how to make a “dark and stormy” and a “mango mule mocktail”.

“I am going to be showcasing a cocktail and a mocktail because we are also very much involved in the sober community, so drinks for everybody,” said Stern.

The “dark and stormy” contains lime juice, ginger beer, and a dark rum, while the “mango mule mocktail” is made with ginger ale, mango, and lime juice.

According to Engelbert, North Star Lounge offers an LGBTQ+ night every Tuesday with bingo, trivia, and music. Additionally, live music performances take place Wednesday-Saturday every week.

They are located at 301 N. 5th Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

To learn more, watch the video above.

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