Pets messing up your floors? Here’s what you should consider before re-flooring

From stains to scratches, there’s much to consider when picking out flooring for a family with pets

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If you have pets, your floors may show it. From stains to scratches, there’s much to consider when picking out flooring for a family with pets. So we reached out to the experts at 50 Floor to find out how to pick the best floors to stand up to your furry friends.

So the first thing Tiffany Moore with 50 Floor recommended was to consider the kind of pet you have. Obviously, you won’t need to pick out your flooring around your hampster, but you will have to take into account your 70-pound dog.

She also says their behaviors are another thing to consider. Do they like to dig or scratch the carpet? Then maybe steer clear of carpets in the future. Is your pet not potty trained? Perhaps you want to stick to easily washable flooring.

Now you may be wondering, should I buy something in particular if a have a dog versus something else if I have a cat? According to Tiffany, the better thing to consider is the size and weight of the animal. Larger animals will easily mark up hardwood floors with their claws if they run around, so you’ll want to look for something more durable. if you like the look of hardwood you could consider luxury vinyl or laminate.

Pets are just one of the many things to consider when picking out new flooring, and a good floor specialist will ask about pets, traffic in the rooms, as well as color and design preferences.

If you are in the market for new flooring, watch the video above for a special deal.

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