Spooky Museum opens in Monroe

Michigan Museum of Horror offers year round fright

Museum of Horror on Live in the D

As Halloween 2022 comes to an end, a new horror era begins in Monroe.

“It’s a 2 story horror attraction, I’m proud to announce this is Michigan’s first year-round multi-horror attraction,” Nate Thompson, Owner of the Michigan Museum of Horror told “Live in the D’s” April Morton.

Thompson said, the Michigan Museum of Horror is not to be mistaken for a haunted house attraction you only see around Halloween, and where things are pretend. No, he says the items there, are the real deal. “2,500 plus different artifacts around here ranging from different embalming degree certificates from people that passed on many years ago, to old Victorian era violins,” Thompson said. Violins he said has strings made from cat guts. Most of the artifacts there are from turn of the Century, with a history that’ll make your skin crawl!

April Morton paid a visit to the Museum, and got a first hand look at the eerie items.

For a glimpse of the Michigan Museum of Horror, click the video above, if you dare.

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