Detroit Doll Show celebrates the beauty of children

Event will be held Saturday, November 12

Detroit Doll Show on Live in the D

The Detroit Doll Show is looking to empower children this weekend. Kids can learn so much through play, and when a child sees themselves in a doll it can help inspire and encourage them to use their imagination.

Event founder Sandra Epps said the Detroit Doll Show’s mission is to celebrate history, culture, self-love and diversity with the promotion of dolls of color. The Detroit Doll Show features a variety of doll vendors that showcase everything from life-like dolls to fabric and crocheted dolls. Epps said fans love the doll lookalike contest. Event goers can dress up to match their favorite doll and walk the runway during the contest. The doll show also includes workshops, music and more.

While talking with “Live In The D” host Tati Amare, Epps shared that she was motivated to launch the Detroit Show because of her personal experience of living with Lupus. Epps explained that she was diagnosed with the disease as a child and was confined to a wheelchair. Epps said it had a negative effect on her self-esteem, so she wanted to do something to encourage women and girls to love themselves.

The Detroit Doll Show will be held Saturday, November 12 from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the Madame Cadillac Building at Marygrove Conservancy on McNichols Road. Tickets to the event can be purchased online or at the door.

Watch the above video to get a glimpse of some of the dolls you can expect to see at the Detroit Doll Show.

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