Birmingham businesses competing for a cause

The Great Decorate campaign raises funds for foster teens

The Great Decorate on Live in the D

If you’ve been to Downtown Birmingham lately, you’ve probably noticed some really cool Christmas trees and holiday décor. For over 40 merchants in the area, the décor isn’t only for fun, but for a great cause.

“The merchant decorates a Christmas tree, people vote for their favorite tree, they vote with dollars, and it benefits foster teens that are aging out of the system.” Beth Hussey, owner of Hazel’s in Birmingham and founder of “The Great Decorate,” told “Live in the D’s,” April Morton.

For the remainder of December, “The Great Decorate,” campaign is hoping to bring people out to stores in Birmingham, check out the cool trees, and donate. Funds will benefit foster teens who will soon be on their own, like 17 year old Jayvion. “Like when I graduate from school I wanna go to college so I can get a Master’s degree so basically I can be able to have my own business,” Jayvion said. He is one of 20 foster teens who will benefit from the cause. The fundraising goal for “The Great Decorate,” is $100,000.

The merchants got really creative with their tree décor. To see the decorations, including a tree made from 200 pizza boxes, and get more information on donating, click the video above.