Stylish designs celebrate Detroit

Scarlet Crane Creations is stamping Detroit’s beauty on textiles

When it comes to Detroit, many people find inspiration throughout the city. For Shayla Johnson that inspiration and something she’s passionate about, transformed into a unique business. “I love fabrics, I love patterns, and I enjoy illustrations that are really painterly and concentrating on themes like Detroit architecture and the florals that are here, " Shayla Johnson, Owner of Scarlet Crane Creations told “Live in the D’s,” April Morton. Johnson started her business a decade ago, and offers a variety of handmade items. “A lot of my illustrations are a part of the collections that I create, which include tea towels, throw pillows, and bags and other soft goods,” Johnson said. She says her most popular items are the one’s with Detroit themes. She finds her inspiration in the exterior of Detroit architecture, but also in areas that are in plain site, yet oftentimes go unnoticed, like a ceiling panel in the Guardian building or a small detail in the Penobscot building.

Capturing the essence of the beauty of Detroit and forever stamping that marking on textiles is what Johnson loves. She also enjoys teaching others to do the same. Johnson offers public workshops and April Morton stopped by for a private lesson.

Click the video above for the full interview and to see what April created.

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