Looking for a great breakfast spot? This restaurant has something for everybody

Anna’s House offers dishes for all dietary needs

Going out to breakfast with friends and family is always fun, but it isn’t always easy to find a spot to accommodate every dietary need. Jon Schwartz, the Executive Chef at Anna’s House, joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to discuss some options for all appetites.

According to Schwartz, Anna’s House offers much more than your typical breakfast.

“We’re saving the world from an ordinary breakfast, and we do it through creative and unique dishes, but we also do it through tremendous hospitality and wonderful people,” he said.

Schwartz said the owner of Anna’s House was inspired to create the restaurant because of his own dietary needs.

“There’s a lot of us out there who have dietary needs. In fact, our owner had some dietary needs and said hey we need a restaurant I can eat at because he kept going out to restaurants he couldn’t eat at,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz said they offer dishes for every dietary need.

“We have something for everybody. We have vegan dishes, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free, as well as just indulgent and heavy and traditional,” Schwartz said. “We go for every type of dietary need to make sure everybody can come in and have something that’s tasty, delicious, and make sure they are working within their diet.”

Schwartz showcased items from the menu including s’mores pancakes, a southwest benedict, billion-dollar bacon, and more.

Anna’s House has nine locations in Michigan. One is located nearby in Westland at 6601 N Newburgh Rd. They are also located in Ann Arbor at 445 E Eisenhower Pkwy #1.

To learn more, watch the video above.

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