Two new movies to enjoy this weekend

Greg Russell reviews “M3GAN” and “The Pale Blue Eye”

Reel Talk on Live in the D

There are two new movies to let you know about this weekend. One is in theaters and the other is on Netflix.

Movie reviewer Greg Russell joined “Live in the D” with Michelle Oliver for “Reel Talk” to discuss “M3GAN” and “The Pale Blue Eye.”

Russell started with the first movie, “M3GAN,” which almost looks like an updated version of “Chucky.” However, Russell described it as an artificial intelligence doll that parents can buy for their kids; it grows, learns, and teaches the kids many things to do.

“The artificial intelligence all of a sudden becomes real intelligence, and that’s when the excitement starts,” Russell said.

The movie reviewer gave the movie four reels out of five.

Up next, Russell talked about a new movie on Netflix called “The Pale Blue Eye” with Christian Bale, and one of the characters in this is Edgar Allan Poe. Russell talked about a murder that takes place at West Point in the 1800s where Bale plays the detective and Harry Melling plays Edgar Allan Poe, whose character is a student.

Russell had the chance to interview Melling about his role. Melling said he loves the idea that the science or technology is not there yet, so they have to use different methods. He also loves how long the scene feels when the characters are trying to work something out. He added that it was amazing playing Poe, and that he had an idea of the man coming into the role, and what he found exciting was challenging people’s perceptions of him.

Russell also gave this movie four out of five reels.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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