Speed painter creates artwork within minutes while you watch

Artist creates popular Detroit monument live in studio

A bit of magic happened in studio on “Live in the D.” Host Tati Amare introduced Detroit performing artist and speed painter Dave Santia as he started painting at the beginning of the show. And within minutes after his brush first stroked the canvas, he was done! Santia says he’s been painting since childhood, and “speed,” painting about 11 years. Although he makes this very creative process look easy, he admits it takes some practice. When asked what he enjoys about painting most, Santia said, “I think the human body is a piece of artwork in itself,” he said. The piece he created on the show, is a “person,” per say, and a popular figure in the city of Detroit.

Santia surprised our team and viewers when he revealed his finished painting. To see the big reveal reveal, and the amazing process, click the video above.