Dance your way to fun and health

Learn a new dance for the new year

Whether it’s a spin, twirl, or other fancy footwork or bodywork, dancing, no matter the style, is not only a fantastic time, it’s a great workout.

“It’s not only great for your physical body, I mean it’s targeting the large muscle group we know is super important, but also the fine muscle groups that really create nice leg lines, helps with stabilizers and balance as we age, things like that. It’s also the best mental fitness you can ask for,” Tansy Degen, Owner of Arthur Murray Dance Studio Northville/Ann Arbor told “Live In The D’s” April Morton.

Lets face it, not many of us like going to the gym, so why not try dance. At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Northville and Ann Arbor, they offer a huge range of dance, like Salsa, Swing, Ballroom and Tango to name a few.

A longtime popular dance style in Detroit is the Detroit, Ballroom Hustle. “We have this kind of style about us, it’s a city savvy that I’ve seen in no other dancing. I’ve traveled the nation teaching dance and being around dancers and nobody dances like us, we’re definitely different” said Kevin Collins, The Guru of Detroit Ballroom, Hustle Dance.

Collins says he’s been dancing more than 40, and in the late ‘90s introduced the Detroit Ballroom Hustle to Detroit school students. He also added a few moves to the dance and it’s popular in the city. “We call it the M1 hustle, but they call it the Odyssey out in the streets, so it’s more doing the basic steps of ballroom dancing, through the hustle,” Collins said.

Collins and a couple of pros taught April a few moves as well. She got a quick Tango lesson. To see her in action, and the story in its entirety, click the video above.

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