Catching up with Gerard Butler on his new movie ‘Plane’

Butler says this harkens back to 90s action movies

Get ready to go on a thrill ride without leaving your seat in the theater. A new movie stars Gerard Butler as a pilot that is put into an unimaginable situation where he must save his passengers and crew after a crash landing.

The movie is called “Plane,” and host Tati Amare got a chance to catch up with the famous actor in the lead role.

Butler says the movie starts with a nice introduction to the characters and how the plane works, but very shortly in you’ll be, “grabbing onto your seat and buckling up for the rest of the movie.”

This movie has a little bit of everything, crossing multiple genres including action, survival, drama, and thriller, with a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.

The overall theme of the movie is trust, as Butler’s character has to trust someone accused of murder to save everyone and get home to his daughter. The movie situates the viewer with the characters who also have to trust their pilot, played by Butler, to get them home.

Unlike a lot of modern action movies about superheroes, all the characters in “Plane” are ordinary people, with flaws and all. This allows the viewer to see themselves in these characters and get absorbed into the crazy circumstance they find themselves in.

“Hopefully you come out inspired and entertained,” says Butler.

For the full interview, watch the video above.

You can watch “Plane” in theaters now.

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