The popular sitcom American Auto is driving into its second season on NBC

The employees at Payne Motors are returning to work

The employees at Payne Motors are returning to work! – Workplace comedies have grown to become popular television sitcoms for decades. This is something we all can relate to about characters in the workplace. Set in Detroit, the executives at Payne Motors led by CEO Katherine Hastings are taking on more challenges this season on American Auto.

The sitcom American Auto, which has grown very popular within its first season, is created by Justin Spitzer who has worked on popular shows such as The Office and Superstore.

Ana Gasteyer, who plays Katherine Hastings, said, “there’s a lot of fondness for the great NBC half hour single camera comedy. I think NBC does workplace comedy better than anyone.”

The second season will pick up right after the “downward spiral” of season one. Fans can expect to see more funny moments between their favorite employees at Payne Motors. Gasteyer said that this season, fans will be shown, “quickly and efficiently that there are always bigger fires when it comes to Payne Motors.”

To learn where to watch American Auto, watch the video above.