Horror film “Fear” hits theaters this weekend

Director and actors from the movie appeared on “Live in the D”

A group of friends must confront their worst fears one by one during a weekend getaway, in the horror film “Fear.” The movie, staring rapper/actor TI “Tip” Harris, and Joseph Sikora is described by one of the actors as a “thriller, horror, with an underlying love story.”

The actors and Director/Producer/Writer Deon Taylor spoke with “Live in the D’s,” Tati Amare. While talking about the film, Harris joked about how Taylor had a little fun with him on set, “He got us all to this haunted lodge, didn’t tell us it was haunted...locked me in a room by myself, put a camera on and laughed at my reaction.” He also spoke about his character being from Detroit.

The film “Fear” comes out Friday, January 27.

To see the entire interview, click the video above.

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