The menu at this Downriver restaurant is as rich as the atmosphere

They are serving classic dishes in a surprising setting

With award-winning steaks and fresh seafood, The Vault on First in Wyandotte, is re-inventing a historic bank building into a classic restaurant experience. Co-owner Chris Doulos says they strive to satifsy their customers, “If somebody wants something that isn’t on our menu, we will absolutly make if for you.”

The building used to be home to several banks over the years before it was transformed and opened as a restaurant in April of 2021. Doulos, who used to do his banking here, retired from a career in the restaurant industry in 2019, but says he got bored. The old bank building had been vacant for five years when he decided to come out of retirement and open The Vault on First.

The menu is extensive and includes a number of steak options including a Tomahawk Ribeye, which is dry-aged for 30 days and cooked to your taste. There are also several seafood dishes, chicken, as well as burgers.

That’s just a taste of what they offer. To see more watch the video above.

The Vault on First is located at 3058 1st St. in Wyandotte.