How do you show love for your pet?

Best friends’ fur-ever.

National Love Your Pet Day is a day to celebrate your pets and share your love for them. Local author and motivational speaker Mimi Brown and Jason Hall with RiDetroit joined “Live In The D Host” Tati Amare and guest-host AJ Williams for “What’s the Buzz” to share the love they have for their pets.

Brown and Hall both shared pictures of their pets. Brown said that she has two cats and Hall said that he had a cat and a dog. Hall said that it took him a long time to learn how to handle his pet cat. Brown jokingly added that there is a mantra to go by when it comes to cats and dogs, “dogs have owners, cats have staff.”

What do you love about having a pet?

Brown said, “they are some of the best companions, and when I get tired of humans, they give me all kinds of love.” Hall said, ”I sometimes feel like I relate better to their personalities than human personalities.”

Do you feel that there is a different love you have for certain kinds of pets?

Williams expressed how much she loved “Indigo”, her pet fish.

How do you show your pets that you love them?

Hall said that he provides his pets with treats and toys. Brown said that her cats have “multiple layers” in the house and that “it’s really their house, they just let me live there.”

Do you love your pets the same or is there a favorite?

Brown said, “there definitely is a favorite.” Hall said his dog was his favorite.

To see what they had to say, watch the video above.